From the Field: Stephanie Cockerl, Website Consultant and Granddaughter

Stephanie M. CockerlStephanie M. Cockerl enjoys the freedom the web allows her to build things fast while keeping an eye on her grandma. She’s a great example of how the web can help you blend the professional and the personal.

Stephanie’s company next STEPH offers services including blog design and development, search engine optimization, and website design, development, and maintenance.

Describe your job/career/business

It depends on the day. Today I’m a freelance web analyst and SEM specialist. Another day, I’m a blog consultant or a SEO manager.

How has the web changed your working life?

The web has changed my working life because it doesn’t take as long to build a website, as opposed to a building (I studied architecture in college). It also allows me the flexibility to keep an eye on my grandmother.

Describe your working situation

Home most of the time, on-site office one day a week and my Grandma’s kitchen table at times. If I have to contact someone, I ask Grandma if I can make a call on her line if its local; if it’s not, I use my Treo.

What are the key web and desktop tools you use?

Gmail, Google Calendar, BaseCamp

Describe your productivity system

My to do list is on my Treo. I also write reminders and ideas while I’m commuting.

Share your top tip for success as a web worker

I always tell people there is always a method behind my madness. Find your own method and make it work for you.

You can read more about Stephanie on her blog. Thanks for the field report, Steph!

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