Mac Office 2008 to sync presentations with iPhone

Mary Jo Foley gets solid information and when she says something is going to happen you can bet your sweet bippy it will (remember Laugh-In?).  Her latest discovery is a very cool one as she’s found out that Office 2008 for the Mac to be released early next year will offer the unique ability to bring PowerPoint presentations over to the iPhone.  It will bring the slides over to the iPhone as a series of pictures in iPhoto as detailed by Microsoft:

“Getting presentations from PowerPoint 2008 for Mac toyour iPod or iPhone is easy. PowerPoint exports your presentation as aseries of pictures directly to iPhoto, or saves those same slide imagesas pictures to your Pictures folder. From there, sync pictures to youriPod or iPhone through iTunes as usual, then use the built-in Photos orslide show program on your iPod or iPhone to show your presentation. Nosweat!

“Presentations look great on the big wide screens of iPhone and iPodTouch, but they look even better on a big screen TV or projected. Plugyour iPod into a television or projector using the Apple Component AVor Composite AV cable and leave your laptop in the case.”

Information integration is always a great thing and this is a good start for Microsoft to integrate Office documents with the iPhone.  Great news, Mary Jo.