WWD Coffee Break – B2B media, Social nets & Beacon

Rich Media for Businesses – That’s the premise of Insight24, a site offering collected webcasts and podcasts designed for B2B use. They’re heavy on areas like business intelligence, knowledge management, system management, and  marketing.
Getting Hold of Humans – This one has made the rounds before, but the gethuman 500 database continues to grow and improve in its quest to help you avoid being stuck in phone tree hell when you want to pick up a phone and get actual customer service.  I’d like to see someone extend this to how to get effective assistance via email.
Easy Favicons –  Sure, any web designer already has some process for generating a favicon.ico file for new sites. But if you don’t, try this simple site: upload an image, pick the region to use, download the result. Works perfectly.
White-Label Social Networking – If you have an idea for a social network and don’t want to do all that coding, try KickApps. They provide a platform with video and audio sharing, blogging, personal spaces,  and a batch of other features that you can integrate into your own site. Their latest innovation is single-sign on integration with Drupal.
Facebook as the Grinch? – Never mind the privacy implications of the new “Beacon” advertising platform. Now people are starting to discover that it makes it tougher to buy surprise Christmas presents for your friends. I suspect messing with the Great American Consumer Frenzy is going to prove to be a mistake.
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