Vimeo Founder Jakob Lodwick Leaves

Vimeo founder Jakob Lodwick, the founder and public face of the video-sharing site that emerged as part of IAC buying and financing Connected Ventures/CollegeHumor, has left the company entirely, he announced on his personal blog today. (Update: see below; he’s not the only Vimeo exec to have left.) Under a picture of himself and a bong, Lodwick wrote,

Act II will follow a brief intermission

As of an hour ago, I am no longer affiliated with IAC/InterActiveCorp/Connected Ventures/Vimeo. No hard feelings!

Goodbye to everyone at CV; you are wonderful and I will miss you.

And now, I will turn off my cell phone for the evening and catch up with everyone later!

Vimeo co-founder Zach Klein also recently left the company. When we first profiled Lodwick, Klein, and Vimeo in April, we commented,

Just one problem with being hip, fun, and different, though — aren’t you owned by Barry Diller? “He believes in our vision,” says Klein.

Lodwick’s departure is unexpected, in that he was extremely personally invested in the site, a devotion that he made very public (see our recent video interview when we visited him in New York). Lodwick had increasingly made nearly all aspects of his life public, molding a celebrity of himself with his own hands on video, in words, and with photos.

But all the time Lodwick spent on his personal brand only served to raise Vimeo’s profile. Under his leadership, the site had emerged in the last nine months or so as a highly regarded home for personal, alternately high-brow and quirky, and sometimes high-def content. We have to think his departure was due to some kind of serious transgression or moral stand. But psychoanalyzing’s not our business; we’ve contacted Lodwick for comment.

Update: It appears that Lodwick was not the only recent departure from Vimeo. Our email requests to Jonathan Marcus, the IAC guy who’d been leading business development at Vimeo (his official title was vice president; he’s also featured in the video interview above) were answered by an automated message saying he had left Vimeo and Connected Ventures. His blog still indicates he works at Vimeo and includes three posts about the HD videos on the site from very early this morning.

More: Connected Ventures co-founder Ricky Van Veen blogs, “[Jake is] leaving on extremely pleasant terms and remains a friend of and investor in the company.” Lodwick declined to comment via email.