New NetFront Browser for Windows Mobile in Technical Preview

Nf34_tp_pilotHere we thought the long-ago mentioned NetFront Browser by Access was a dead soldier; not by a long shot! Evidence exhibit A: the NetFront Browser v3.4 for Windows Mobile is readily available in a free technical preview for Windows Mobile 5 and 6 devices. Keep in mind what “technical preview” means: the final product could change from what you see now and it might not run 100%. The idea is to get the version out there for developers and OEMs to see what’s new and exciting and you’ll have until the end of February to get a feel for the new features. Near the top of that list is the new PagePilot feature for viewing a whole page and then zooming in as needed. While that looks interesting, I’m more excited about the visual bookmarks shown here as they look to be finger friendly for touchscreens.Nf34_tp_rotateIf the new browser version doesn’t convince you that NetFront is still alive and kicking, Exhibit B in the form of this press release from last week might help. I didn’t realize that the Amazon Kindle browser is based on NetFront, but it appears so since Amazon licensed the browser for their device.(via Brighthand)