Nichols on “Ninja Day,” Not His $100K

Holy crap! Had I known Kent Nichols and the Ask a Ninja crew were pulling in $100,000 a month in ad revenue, merchandising and licensing, I would have asked him an entirely different set of questions at the recent Winnie awards. TV Week lists the Ninjas as prime examples of people who have parlayed their online fame into cash. Lower on that list: Andy Plesser of ($15,000 a month), and iJustine ($1,000 a month).

But alas, Nichols’ lack of flash, unkempt hair and low-key demeanor belied the piles of money he swims in like Scrooge McDuck. All I asked him about about was the upcoming Ninja Day, on Dec. 5, and what famous rat will be in attendance.

Liz is gonna have my head.