WWD Coffee Break – Software Discounts, Beacon & Weather

Mac Software Deals – It’s mostly not web software, but enough web workers are Mac users that it’s worth passing on the link to  MacSanta, which is up and running with new deals again this year. 20% off a different set of applications every day  from now through December 24. Fortunately they have an RSS feed to make spending your money even easier.

Just Say No to Beacon – Even with their retreat from the original design, Facebook still has plenty of people worried about the privacy implications of their Beacon advertising platform. If you’re one of them and you use Firefox, you can grab the BlockSite add-on and simply block all traffic to http://*facebook.com/beacon/*, or use the new De-beacon add-on that does it for you. You know your PR has hit the skids when people are writing blocking software targeting just your site.

The Weather and Nothing But – I’ve got to say that  Simple Weather is my new favorite weather site. They’ve deliberately eliminate all the frills, maps, travel advisories, and all the other clutter that gets in the way of the forecast. Instead you get an easy to remember URL with your five-day forecast. I wonder whether there’s a niche for minimalistic sites to have some success in today’s web?

Access Your Own Data Over the Net – That’s the premise of Rangboom, who make software to let you share the files on your own computer via the internet to any browser. They make clients for Windows, Mac, and Linux.  You can also invite other users to join your group for secure shared access.

Another Timesheet Solution – iZepto is a hosted service for managing your timesheets via the web. They feature data entry shortcuts, budget tracking, and flexible reporting. 60-day trial for free and per-user monthly pricing after that.

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