Vid-Biz: HD Flash, Google, WebFives

Flash Player 9 Now Offers HD; move could put pressure on YouTube to adopt higher-quality vids. (Wired; our story on how Adobe partner Hulu is one of the first to use its new HD capability)

Google: Second-by-Second Measurement a Boon to Small Networks; search giant says its TV ad methods can help niche channels the way they helped niche web sites. (Broadcasting & Cable)

WebFives Founder Headed Back to Microsoft; Michael Toutonghi left the Redmond giant to start the video-sharing site, now returning to the mother ship after the startup flopped. (Seattle PI)

Striking Writers Propose Pay Tied to Eyeballs; Guild counteroffers with proposal for fixed compensation rates for streaming that increase in tandem with viewership. (The Hollywood Reporter)

My Damn Channel Gets Coolio; online comedy network announces new shows with the Fantastic Voyage rapper as well as talent from HBO and Comedy Central. (release)