Holiday Vid Picks: 8 Crazy Nights

Every year it’s the same. Someone remembers that you’re Jewish, or that you’re from New York, and picks a random day between Thanksgiving and Christmas to ask, “So, when’s the first day of Chanukah?” Then you have to awkwardly explain that it actually starts at sundown the day before it’s listed on the calendar and try to tell the story of the the world’s first guerrilla rebels, the Maccabees, who successfully fought off Antiochus IV Epiphanes, and how once they got the Temple in Jerusalem back the oil lasted eight days! Well, it’s that time of year again! So put on your yarmulke, spin your dreidel, fry your latkes, and light up the menorah. Mazel tov!

“Interesting fact: Hanukkah parodies actually predate Hanukkah.”
Interesting NewTeeVee fact: Editor Liz Gannes has been pushing for a trend post on the Soulja Boy remixes.

I can now die happy knowing there is an indignant gefilte fish Muppet out there in the world.

This video was originally brought to our attention when Jackson reviewed the Jewish TV Network and their online video site. But those schmoes need to get their tokheses in gear and give us some embeds! I had to grab this from YouTube. Oy vey.

Did you know that Sarah Silverman’s sister is Rabbi Susan Silverman?

We agree that Jesus was a very important man and did great things, we just don’t think he was our Messiah. Now pass me the chow mein.