Macrovision to Buy Gemstar-TV Guide

Content protection firm Macrovision has agreed to buy TV listings provider Gemstar-TV Guide for $2.8 billion in cash and stock, the two said today. Macrovision’s goal is to combine its security software with TV Guide’s programming data, enabling consumer access to information on TV programming, photo collections and music libraries across a variety of devices.

The TV Guide buy falls in line with Macrovision’s earlier purchase of music, movie and games info database All Media Guide.

If Macrovision really wants to give people access to information about video content, this acquisition only gets them partway there. TV Guide may be the go-to source for professional, mainstream content, but it basically ignores independently-produced video. TV Guide’s Stingray search service neglected UGC content, and its Online Video Awards were more of a showcase for Will Ferrell and the major networks.

For indie and UGC content, Macrovision will have to look elsewhere. We hear MeeVee may be looking for a buyer.