Online Video Entertainment In 2007, And What’s To Come in 2008: Our LA Year-End Review Panel

Earlier this week we had our LA Year-End Review panel and ContentNext Mixer at the WGA theater. The one -hour panel on digital video/entertainment in 2008 touched on a lot of points, and we had a good discussion on the financing aspects, the changing talent management business, the advertising and metrics needs, and other issues. We have an edited version of the panel, in the form of four clips addressing different issues. The video is a bit shaky and user-gen-of-sorts…all of these are between 3-8 minute clips. (RSS readers will have to click through)

Speakers for the panel: Sitting from R to L: Moderator: Brent Weinstein, CEO, 60Frames; Panelists: Jarl Mohn, Investor; former CEO, Liberty Digital; former CEO, E! Entertainment; Jon Miller, Velocity Investment Group; former CEO, AOL; Jason Nadler, Agent, UTA Online; Gregg Spiridellis, CEO, JibJab Media; and Steven Kram, CEO, Content Partners LLC; former COO, William Morris.

Thanks to sponsors for making the evening and panel possible: Platinum: DeSilva & Phillips. Silver: PermissionTV, ExtendMedia, Kiptronic and Operative.

Clip 1: When agencies and venture capital collide: what’s the role of agents in this new world, and can they play the role of venture capitalists?

Three more clips after the jump…

Clip 2: What did you see in 2007, that you believe will play out more in 2008 in online video sector?

Clip 3: How do you judge the future value of content? How do you value the future value of things like “Prom Queen”?

Clip 4: What do you think about mobile video entertainment? Will it take off as a medium?