From the Field: Chuck Brotman, Sales Engineering Director

Chuck Brotman is the Director of Sales Engineering for ON24, a webcasting and rich media marketing company based in San Francisco. He’s seen the web impact the sales organization in terms of convenience, speed and productivity.

Describe your job/career/business

I work as the director of sales engineering at ON24, a webcasting and rich media marketing solutions company. My responsibilities include running our proof-of-concept program, prototyping and building custom demonstrations for prospects and channel partners, and managing RFP and RFI responses. I also work as a liaison between sales and product management/engineering.

How has the web changed your working life?

How hasn’t it? My entire career path has followed the growth of Web-based applications that have changed the B2B sales landscape.

Describe your working situation

My office cube is near a window in our offices located on 4th and Market Streets in downtown San Francisco. This means I get some light, but even more street noise and music. So I often like working from home when the opportunity permits.

What are the key web and desktop tools you use?

Google desktop search is a wonderful application for retrieving bits of information I need quickly. Tinyurl is useful for creating readable URLs on the fly. I also do a lot with Photoshop, and my company’s web-based application for pre-sales purposes.

Describe your productivity system

I use Microsoft Outlook calendar as my primary tool for making and managing appointments, reminders and goals.

Share your top tip for success as a web worker

If you’re in sales, get a wireless headset. This allows me to take breaks during lengthy calls. Nothing is more important than getting up and walking around frequently when you’re in front of a PC all day.

As Chuck shows, working from a cubicle is no barrier to seeing your work life revolutionized by the web. How has the web changed your working life? Share your web workstyle with WWD readers by submitting a field report.