Climate Change Report Cards: Mexico Up, U.S. Down

Our own Alexis Madrigal makes an interesting point in Wired from the recently released Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI) from the Germanwatch policy group. He notes that while the ranking of developed countries has stayed relatively static, Mexico, with its infamously polluted capital city, has jumped from 16th to 4th in the last year.


The CCPI ranks the 56 countries who account for over 90 percent of the world’s CO2 emissions based on their climate protection performances. Beyond Mexico’s meteoric rise, the report shows the continued rise of China and India. India has moved from 10th in 2006 to 9th in 2007 to 5th in the most recent report. Meanwhile, one of the world’s heaviest CO2 polluters, China, has risen from 29th to 54th to 40th in the same time span.

Erstwhile, the U.S. has sunk from 52nd to 53rd to 55th. Maybe next year we can roust Saudi Arabia from last place.