iPhone Q3 US sales top all Windows Mobile smartphones

We knew that iPhone sales must be pretty high with the number of them that we see in the wild.  Apple has been happily selling them right and left and some US sales figures reported by RoughlyDrafted for the third quarter shows that iPhone sales topped all other handset makers except RIM BlackBerry.  The significant thing about the numbers revealed is how iPhone sales grabbed 27% of all smartphones sold in the US for Q3 of this year, even though iPhones are tied to AT&T while other makers are not.  These numbers indicate that Apple outsold all Windows Mobile smartphones in the US for the quarter, along with all Symbian phones. 

Apple’s debut at second place across the entire North Americansmartphone market region for the third quarter ending in September isparticularly noteworthy because the iPhone was only being sold in theUS, and is only available through AT&T; all of the other mobileplatforms are available to Sprint, Verizon Wireless, and T-Mobile aswell as AT&T.

The iPhone wasn’t available in the significant markets of Canada andMexico, along with parts of the US that AT&T does not service,including much of Vermont, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Alaska. Insome of those areas, the Public Service Commission limits competitionto just two carriers, such as Verizon Wireless and Alltel in theDakotas.