Iona Cube Internet radio perfect for wireless, musical Craps

Lg_iona_cubeI’ll be looking for the Iona Cube concept at CES next month simply because I think it’s cool how it changes channels from one Internet radio station to another. Even a math failure knows that a cube has six sides (unless you count the inside and outside as two more) and Cambridge Consultants has a use for every side. One side has the on / off switch, while another has a speaker opening so you can listen to any one of over 10,000 stations over the built-in WiFi.The remaining four faces each represent a configured web-radio station: to change to the channel, so to speak, you just change which side the cube is lying on. It’s just an “eat your heart out Erno Rubik” concept right now, but it has potential in my ears eyes considering the electronics inside cost less than $15. If we see the Iona Cube come to market, I’m sure you’ll see quite a markup on that. Of course, if we see ’em cheap enough, I’ll likely grab a bunch for Internet Radio Yahtzee combined with Name That Tune. Any takers?