jkOnTheRun Video Geek Session- HTC Advantage

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AwErrO9Bqzs]Yup, we’ve covered the HTC Advantage before, but while chatting today, James asked my opinion on the device. I just got a few minutes of playtime with it last week during our trip to New Mexico, so my first thoughts are shared. There’s a brief overview of the device for those who haven’t seen it followed by a some good banter on if this would be the one device we would take somewhere if we could only choose one device *gasp* to take.We took your great feedback into account in this video chat… well, other than the comment about two ugly guys; there’s only so much we can do there! 😉 We used headsets this morning but there’s an apparent echo that we have to work out yet, plus I think we need to invest in some production-quality lighting. Hey… on a blogger’s salary, we have to make due, but we’ll keep working towards improvements if people like the video chat format!