Some Things I Loved This Year: Web Worker Edition

Following in Brian Oberkirch’s keystrokes, here are the things that I loved in my web working life this year. As Brian says, listing things that make your life better is a great way of expressing gratitude.

Twitter. Hands down my favorite online service of 2007. It’s so cool how I can go from a distant email relationship with someone to what feels very personal and human via the asynchronous brevity of Twitter. For me, it’s a can’t-do-without tool.

Purple gel pens. I confessed my fetish for Pentel EnerGels back in February and if anything, it’s gotten stronger. Now I hate to write with anything else. I’ll never move my to do lists online because I so love to write and rewrite them with my purple pens.

Working from home. I really love my work — and I really love that I get to do it in a place of my choosing. I work according to my energy cycles; I’m available when my kids need me; I get all the quiet I need. And the web keeps me in connection with the people I want to be connected with.

The Web Worker Daily community. That includes the writers, editor Judi Sohn, boss Om Malik, readers, commentors, guest contributors, and field reporters. I’ve especially enjoyed collecting and publishing field reports — it’s inspiring to see how people are using the web to create workstyles and lifestyles that are authentic and fulfilling.

The People Web. The phrase Web 2.0 has been used and overused to the point I cringe a little every time I type it. Yet I wouldn’t want to lose the promise of this second version of the web that offers so much power to people. These days I think of it as The People Web, and I’m grateful for all the people I connect with on it.

Cute Overload. My favorite time wasting site. Check out Nigel in his sweater.

What are some things you loved about using the web for work this year? Share in the comments or post a list on your own blog.