Mozilla Weaves Services

I had reported on Mozilla jumping into “online services” earlier this month. Today, they quietly announced a new project called Weave, that allows you to take control of your metadata and store it on Mozilla servers, once you set up an account.


The idea behind Weave is that all your personal information — bookmarks, passwords and account names, for example — are synced to your Mozilla account via Firefox. If you lose your computer, you can download Firefox, log into your account and you can restore all that information. You can do some of this today if you use Google Browser Sync and Dot Mac services. You can start by creating an account with Mozilla Services. You will need Firefox 3.0 or higher to get this working. [digg=]

Mozilla has set-up a code of ethics, which make me view this project more positively. For instance, all client side data is encrypted. I like the fact that Mozilla is a neutral entity and is less likely to commercially abuse the information at their disposal. If you take a longer term view, Mozilla can become the data broker for all future web services, especially for those who don’t want to throw in their lot with commercial vendors such as Google, Microsoft and Facebook.