Vanity Googling- do you do it?

I’ve read a few posts recently about what I term "Vanity Googling", you know searching for your own name on Google to see what you find.  The articles I read said that everyone should check what Google has to say about you and I must admit as on online person I have been doing my Vanity Googling for a long time.   It was no surprise to me to find the search on "James Kendrick" shows my stuff appearing very high on Google. While my name is not that common there have been some fairly famous people with the same name so to top this search is pretty cool.

The search that blew me away however was one I did for the first time on "jk". I had not done this search before because I figured that those initials are very common and the results wouldn’t be very useful.   Imagine my surprise to find this:


Now that’s pretty cool, only the Harry Potter author comes in higher.   Do you search your own name and if so have you ever been surprised by the results?