BBC’s Favorite Technology 2007

Five BBC technology reporters chose their favorite technology of 2007. And the winners are:

Facebook. Jane Wakefield says, “it is about communication and people which, for me, is what technology should be all about.”

Witricity, a device for delivering energy to laptops and other electronics without wires.

Facebook again. Rory Cellan-Jones picked it not for its application platform but because it helped him develop a virtual social life, “rediscovering old contacts, hooking up with other technology journalists, even talking more to my old friends.”

Rich web applications, such as Google Calendar, Docs, and Reader as well as Flickr photo editing tools.

Enum, which can map net domains to telephone numbers and could unify the worlds of phones and the Internet.

I’d choose Twitter, for its ability to keep me connected and in the loop during my web workdays.

What’s your favorite technology of the year?