GigaOM’s Top Posts of 2007

What do we know about GigaOM readers in 2007?

You like Firefox to a degree that far exceeds the general Internet population. According to Google Analytics, 47 percent of our visits this year were made through Firefox, while 40.1 percent were made through Internet Explorer. As for the rest, 8.32 percent of our visits came through Safari, 1.69 percent through Opera, and 1.59 percent through Mozilla. Only 3.31 percent of visits were made via dial-up connections. And the top search term that brought you here? “Google phone.”

Oh, and you like lists. A lot.

Here are our top stories, based on traffic, for 2007:

  1. 5 Ways to SMS for free by Katie Fehrenbacher, published March 12
  2. Top 10 Most Popular MMOs by Blake Snow, published June 13
  3. 5 Great (And Free) Games You’re Not Playing Now by Jane Pinckard, published Oct. 7
  4. Five Facts about Google Phone by Om Malik, published Sept. 3

  5. GOOG-411’s “Biddy-Biddy-Boop”
    by Chris Albrecht, published Nov. 10
  6. 12 tips before you buy Nokia N95 by Om Malik, published April 7
  7. SunRocket is Toast, MEMO by Om Malik, published July 16
  8. Skype on iPhone. No, seriously. by Om Malik, published Aug. 13
  9. A Man & His 100 Mbps Fiber Connected Life by Om Malik, published Sept. 2

  10. Kevin ‘Digg’ Rose goes for 3rd startup
    by Om Malik, published May 9

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