NewTeeVee Online Video Predictions for 2008

partridge.jpgOur twelve days of Christmas at NewTeeVee came courtesy of four online video creators, two esteemed academics, one venture capitalist, a big media technology decision maker, a video advertising developer, and an online video talent agent. Who needs a partridge in a pear tree when you’ve got luminaries to prognosticate about the future of your industry?
Here are the specs on our panelists, and the ten prediction topics we posted over the holidays. In each case we asked the ten panelists the same question, e.g. “Will online video make it into the living room in 2008?” and posted a selection of their responses. I’d definitely recommend clicking through to see the interesting reader comments.

After poring through all the answers, I have to admit our efforts to stimulate and provoke may have given our questions a somewhat negative slant. “Self-proclaimed viral video genius” Kevin “Nalts” Nalty, in his emailed answers to us, brought up the valid point that we didn’t ask the feel-good question of which startups to watch. His suggestion: TubeMogul.

This offering is relatively inexpensive, and provides a powerful market position that is yet unclaimed. When new sites contact me for my video content, I tell them to “plug in to TubeMogul” so I don’t have to bother with another upload that may or may not be worth the time.

I definitely agree that video metrics is an emerging important category and will be watching it closely. If you had to bet, which other online video companies or sectors would you choose?
Partridge photo by Flickr user Chidorian. Cross-posted at GigaOM.