Vid-Biz: China, CinemaNow, Wireless HDTV

Chinese Govt. Imposes New Rules on Vid Sites; new regulations stipulate that only state-run sites can stream or broadcast online videos. (The Wall Street Journal)
CinemaNow Partners with Macrovision; move is an attempt to boost the movie download service’s compatibility with more media players and other devices. (The Seattle P.I.)
Wireless HDTVs Debuting at CES; WirelessHD consortium, considered the leader in creating the tech standard, will get help from Intel. (The New York Times)
Motorola Unveils Mobile TV Device; the Motorola Mobile TV DH01 supports DVBH broadcast standard and allows live TV as well as on-demand clips from DVRs. (release)
Jupiter Unveils Four Tips for UGV Sites; research firm doles out advice like “Know the audience” and “Weed through submissions” for would-be user-generated video sites. (Jupiter Research)
Letterman Includes Striking Writers in Top 10; late-night host’s return included “Top 10 Demands of the Striking Writers” with quips like “10. Complimentary tote bag with next insulting contract offer.” (The LA Times)