Writers’ Strike: An Inflection Point for Online Video?

Venture capitalists are always looking for inflection points in a market – events that turn a market up or down dramatically. In our firm we have been having an “active discussion” as to whether or not the writers’ strike in Hollywood is the inflection point that will drive mainstream America off their couches and onto their computers for new video content.
Just to be clear, I am not referring to YouTube clips or previously aired network television shows online, but something that Mom and Dad would want to sit on the couch and watch for an hour. At Panorama Capital, we are all believers in using the Internet for cost-effective video distribution and have invested in this space, but we’re still waiting for the market to really rival that of traditional television.
For the demographics that currently do not spend more time in front of the computer than in front of the television, will the hangover from the strike drive them to watch new content on the Internet? Will it deliver a Nielsen ratings point for some Internet video shows? What shows would you recommend to your parents to watch to get them to move away from the television?