Checking in With GigaOM Readers: An Update

So due to unforeseen complications, my homecoming was delayed by a day or so. That also means my therapy is going to start a day later, but who’s counting? If you haven’t already read it, Dan Fost’s article in the New York Times outlines some of my vices. Believe me: my Mom has been giving me an earful. Your overwhelming response — thousands of emails, hundreds of voicemails and a bonsai — I cannot thank you enough for your wishes. Let me just say that your prayers are the reason I am going to be able to blog again. For next few months, my focus will be on rebuilding my body and mind and taking it slow. Hopefully you will come back and share in the process.
I also want to thank a service called GotVoice. It is sort of like Yahoo for voicemail — a nifty web-based voicemail management system. I had signed up for it before the holidays to “review” the service. It worked with my iPhone, my AT&T line and my softphone VoIP service. It pulled the voicemails from the various systems and put them in the order received. More importantly, it sent me a transcript of the voicemails in the email inbox. In less that 50 minutes I read your sentiments. Some of the transcriptions were not too good, but I got the feelings loud and clear.
Thank you all, and slowly, I will call you back.