Microsoft launches Origami Experience 2.0


One of the highlights of last year’s CES was the introduction of the Origami Experience software for UMPCs; it was exciting to be among the first to see what the Microsoft team put together. We’re getting a sequel this year and after beta testing early versions for the past few months, I think folks will be happy with the update that the Origami Project team has put together. I suspect we’ll get a look at the final version later today at the Tablet PC / UMPC meetup, but that’s just a guess at this point. So what’s new in OE the second?

  • Origami Central is the main launch-point to provide quick access with the touch of a finger to apps and services. In my opinion, the UI is more fluid and intuitive.
  • Origami Now is my favorite section because you can personalize to display information that’s relevent to you: e-mail, RSS feeds, calendar events, etc… I almost think of this function as custom set of touch gadgets in a Windows Sidebar type of approach.
  • Origami Picture Password secures your UMPC with fun puzzle.
  • Touch settings, which we’re all familiar with from OE the first.

More official details to follow; again, I’m hoping we’ll get a hands-on of the final version later this afternoon. Meanwhile, if you have questions about the software, drop ’em in the comments. We’ll answer them if we can and we’ll hit up the Origami Project team later today for the rest!