NewsGator RSS products are set free

Newsgatorgoblackberry James caught wind of this news earlier today, but we had no time to share it with you. The NewsGator family of RSS products might gain a larger audience thanks to the applications changing from a paid-license model to a free one. It doesn’t matter what product or platform, they’re all free. That includes:

For a long time I used NewsGator Online simply because I could read my feeds on any device. I’ve since switched to Google Reader, but I’ll be exporting my Google feeds into an OPML file and then importing them in to several of these products to see how well they do or don’t work for me.

You’ll want to read the info on the new offerings because personal data will be collected about your RSS activities, unless you specifically opt out. It becomes a choice of having privacy or providing data in order for NewsGator to offer you Popular Topics based on your data. From a mobile perspective, all of these products can stay in synch, so if you use multiple devices on the go, this could be an alternative to Google Reader, Bloglines and other RSS apps.