TextMate: No longer a reason to avoid Git

I wrote recently about my headaches using Subversion with iWork documents (“iWork hates Subversion”). The consensus from the comments was that I needed to ditch Subversion for a more modern version control system. Both Mercurial and Git were popular among commenters. (I decided on Git, incidentally. The transition was extremely smooth.)

TextMate bundle editor

One TAB reader, HG, lamented that a TextMate bundle doesn’t yet exist for Git. Consider that old news. Well, unofficially. It is currently under review within the TextMate user community, but the Git bundle has been written and is available to any TextMate user who syncs to the TextMate SVN repository.

Copy (or link) the bundle from Review/Bundles into Bundles and relaunch TextMate or Reload Bundles (under the Bundles menu), and voilà!, your copy of TextMate now supports many of Git’s version control features — in addition to every other open-source version management system on the planet.

Instructions for syncing from the TextMate SVN repository is available at the TextMate wiki.