WWD Coffee Break – Team Management, Web Highlighting & Video

ScreenshotOnline Project Management with Antz[email protected] is a new online team management tool, somewhat similar to Basecamp (though they say they came up with the concepts independently). It manages tasks, shared files, discussions, polls, and shared text documents (with very lightweight formatting) as well as private messages and chat. It’s also free to sign up for and use, with (so far) no hint of a paid model.
[email protected] makes very good use of javascript techniques to make things fast; most operations do not require any page reloads at all, and many types of information are sensibly grouped on a page. It’s worth a look if you’ve found other similar systems slow or clunky, and the price can’t be beat.

i-Lighter for Online Research – If you’re looking for a very simple online research tool, take a look at i-Lighter. After installing it (as an extension to IE or Firefox), you get a virtual highlighter in your web browser. Run the highlighter over text you want to save, and it gets sent to your online account, along with any annotations you want to make. Once there, you can organize things into folders and notebooks, and email or post them to your blog.
Cool Video Tool – If you’re into video big time, you already have your preferred toolset. If you only occasionally need to do something like encode a YouTube video to FLV and save it to your desktop, or convert your own videos to MP4 or H264, it’s worth knowing about Hey!Watch. They’ve been around for a while, but with their big selection of formats, REST API, 10-cent-per-encoding cost, and integration with podcast feeds, they can be a lifesaver for the part-time video user.