1Password Review


For those of you who have far too many sites to log into and far too short of a memory to remember them all, this program will save your life. 1Password is a simple, elegant system that incorporates itself into most browsers and like Keychain, will save and place your information accordingly.

?Browser Compatibility

For a full list of browser compatibility check out their site. Having Safari and Firefox covered, I was already set. Each browser will offer a similar button as shown above. Once you save a form or identity on a browser, it gets transferred to the other ones.

What It Offers

1Password may be similar to Keychain but ultimately provides for a much more versatile user experience. You can store multiple identities, false or real, multiple registration forms, and billing information for quick check outs. 1Password automatically synchronizes with Keychain and can sync with .Mac for access from multiple computers. Transferring information can be safe and easy by simply copying or backing up your Keychain folder.
If you’re like me and use variations of similar passwords, 1Password offers a quick solution to create passwords for you. It will prompt with you with a slider of choices and will create a unique password, at your set length.


Like the good Samaritans you are, you question safety. Since 1Password is directly integrated with Keychain, OS X is already set to keep your information safe. 1Password requires a master password to log in. Also it will timeout after a specified time. In the 1Password manager you can edit accounts, add notes, or track history.
Like most good things in the world, 1Password comes with at a cost, $29.95. A bargain considering its abilities. If you’re still skeptical try it out for free and comment your experiences.