Directors Guild To Start Negotiations With Producers; Could Settle For Smaller Online Residuals

The Directors Guild of America will start contract negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers by tomorrow…this is before AMPTP has a deal with the writers guild. No further details were released. If a quick deal is done with DGA, this could undermine WGA’s position, experts agree…any deal directors reach would put pressure on writers to accept a similar deal.
AP: The Directors Guild has spent nearly $2 million to research new media issues and the potential revenue from digital distribution through the next decade…it has hired veteran entertainment lawyer and dealmaker Ken Ziffren to play a key role in its preparations.
LAT: Directors are likely to accept a lower rate for Internet residuals than writers want, analysts say…directors rely less on residuals than writers because of their higher initial pay. About 40% of the members are not directors but are unit production managers, assistant directors, associate directors and stage managers who get mostly small residual payments.