Found|LINKS for Jan. 6 – Jan 12

Our weekly wrap-up of stuff you need to read, or bookmark for future reference. This week we’ve got stabs at various aspects of leadership — and in two cases, examples of what not to do. Several others come out of an email blast we got from McKinsey earlier in the week, it’s very useful stuff.
1) Decision making: A nice Jan 12. essay on the leadership challenge of Decisiveness, from founder Jon Fox, on his blog The ramblings of a young, web entrepreneur.
2) Marketing mishaps: Also on Jan 12, this time from “digital life manager” Socialthing!, a lesson on the perils of The Hype Machine and Admitting When You’re Wrong.
3) Utility: Jan. 11, this post on how to measure the success/ROI of your startup’s site Using Stats and Goal Tracking for Your Blog, from SEO expert Michael Gray.
4) Training personnel: From a Jan. 10 edition of Strategy + Business, read A Blueprint for Strategic Leadership, which addresses the qualities of leaders from Jack Welch to Richard Branson, and the ‚Äúrigorous, intentional way” corporations like P&G go about cultivating such qualities in their employees. You can take do this also!
5) Crisis management : On Jan. 12 we had a case study in How NOT to handle a layoff, courtesy of Tesla Motors. See the original Jan. 10 post by Tesla cofounder, Martin Eberhard, called Stealth Bloodbath.
6) Strategy: on Jan. 8 we received a recap of The McKinsey Quarterly’s most-popular Global Surveys in 2007. Here are several you must read (registration is free unless a piece is marked “premium”):

How businesses are using Web 2.0.
Could inform new business ideas.
How companies are marketing online. Learn from large corporations how to do this better.
How companies spend their money. Read this to help you figure out how to sell to them!
What shapes careers. Read it for your personal growth.
How companies approach innovation. You cannot study this enough.
A more complete list of McKinsey’s surveys, is here.
7) Funding: If you haven’t yet, do read Larry Chiang’s hilarious riff on 9 VCs You’re Gonna Want To Avoid, published here on Jan 8. And check out this week’s Found|READ contribution from Aruni Gunasegaram about what to put in your Funding Toolkit.