CES: Comcast’s Roberts On The Road Map And Improving Customer Service; More On Fancast

Fancast Grop Shot with ConchordsKen Li from *Reuters* and I were the only reporters to meet with Comcast (NSDQ: CMCSA) chairman and CEO Brian Roberts just after his CES keynote. He brushed off a question from Ken about the disconnect between what Comcast is doing and how the market sees the company, explaining: “Today’s not a day when we talk about the markets and stuff like that. Let me stick to what we just did … We had a good year last but clearly there’s more competition, the economy, but we’ve got a great road map. We signed up to do this probably six months ago; we weren’t ready to do this a year ago. A year ago we wouldn’t have had tru2way, Docsis 3.0. We decided — one of the interesting decisions putting the presentation together was what time period do we talk about. This quarter? Is it ten years blue sky? We decided to talk about things that were ’08 and maybe a year or two beyond that. So tru2way in ’08, a thousand HD choices in ’08, Docsis 3.0 in millions of homes in ’08 and here’s Project Infinity.” More after the jump.
(Dealing with the market was left to CFO Michael Angelakis at Citi Media the next day.)
But when your company is getting knocked for customer service when it comes to the basics, how do you make sure your system can handle all the questions from people freaking out over the new stuff? Roberts: “It was clearly part of the message today, clearly put in to say you can have all these great products but you have to deliver a great experience — and I think we do for the vast majority — but with 300 million interactions, there are going to be times. One of our core initiatives is to improve and to make that service better than it