Creator of Lost & Alias is a Certified Apple Fanboy

heart_productimage3.jpg I was getting my weekly dose of TED Talks when I saw J.J. Abrams as a speaker. If you haven’t ever heard of TED Talks, Abrams’ is a great one to start with. His antics are hilarious and it results in a strong presence on-stage.
In his talk, he discusses the element of mystery behind his shows as well as the impact of the digital age on filmmaking. The real takeaway from his talk is (mind you, I’m paraphrasing) “He loves him some Apple.” My favorite quote from him: “This Powerbook challenges me. What are you going to write worthy of me?”
This complete, self-proclaimed Apple fan watches Stevenotes and uses his Powerbook on stage. For the record, he was just as surprised as the rest of us to see Lost behind Steve Jobs when they announced TV Shows on iTunes.
Apple ‘Heart’ image from Insanely Great Tees.