Goggleburn to Highlight Online Video Hits

The latest channel from Next New Networks, Goggleburn, will feature online video from around the web along with a weekly show hosted by Nick Douglas (who’s promising debut last year, Look Shiny, never quite got off the ground). With a slightly warped yet smartly erudite sensibility and a disaffected delivery, Douglas’ first segment is a dry but well-researched take on the “photo-a-day” trend kicked off by photographer Noah Kalina. Similar theme- or personality-centered segments will be a weekly feature each Monday.

The site promises to highlight the “online TV you gotta see.” With Douglas continuing to write for Gawker Media, I couldn’t help but think of Screenhead, a compendium of links to comedy shorts around the web shuttered by Nick Denton back in 2006 — though certainly online video has matured significantly since then.

“People can come to the site and there will be always something new every day,” Douglas told me over the phone. The flagship show, a roundup of the most popular videos of the week, will be released Wednesday mornings. Clips will be selected based not just on views, but on ratings, discussion and other measures of stickiness. And not just on YouTube, either. “We’re going to try to cover almost every major online video site,” Douglas said.
With one show already under his belt, the resources of NNN behind him, and no shortage of material, hopefully Douglas can get the kind of eyeballs he expects this time around.