MacBook Comes Up for Air

In addition to unveiling a movie rental service for iTunes and an updated version of Apple TV (with a lower price), Steve Jobs in his Macworld keytnote today announced the MacBook Air, which at a maximum thickness of 0.76 inches (and 3 lbs), is the world’s thinnest notebook.
It sports both a full-sized keyboard and a 13.3-inch widescreen, LED-backlit display, and five hours of battery life. The Air will sell for $1,799 (for 1.6 GHz standard version) and $3,098 (for 1.8 GHz version, ouch) and will start shipping in two weeks. Additional specs include: a built-in iSight camera; built-in multitouch gesture support; 1.8-inch drive; USB 2, micro-DVI and headphone via a flipdown door; 802.11n, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR.
The machine was built to be wireless, Jobs said. There’s no optical drive. There’s a “remote disc” feature built right into the operating system that will show all Macs or PCs in the vicinity — you can just click on a machine and ask to borrow its optical drive. That’s pretty cool.
Head over to Earth2Tech for a rundown of the Air’s green qualities.
(thanks to Carolyn for writing this up on my behalf)