HTC Shift posing again as Cleo on FCC site

HtcshiftcdmaevdogsmhsdpaFolks waiting for the HTC Shift to appear have one less obstacle here in the U.S.; Unwired View reports that the naughty Cleo 200 has exposed itself on the FCC site. The Cleo 200 looks to be a CDMA / EV-DO version of the Shift, while an identical twin named Cleo 100 shows up as a GSM / HSDPA model.Warner asks the valid question: is it too little, too late for the HTC Shift? Before CES, I would have said yes based on a few simple facts. 800 x 480 displays are going away in favor of 1024 x 600 screens, the battery life on the Windows side isn’t quite up to snuff and we’ve got new Melow-based units around the corner. Now that I’ve seen what the next six to twelve months have to offer in terms of UMPCs (which doesn’t appear to be as much as we hoped), I think the window of opportunity is still cracked open for the HTC Shift. Not much, but it’s not closed just yet. Thoughts?(via Mobility Site)