What was my most-used gadget on the CES trip?

Monster_20outlets_20to_20go_20003The trip to Vegas was full of gear usage, running around exhaustedly and of course introspection as I always look back on trips like this and give a good thought to what gadgets I took with me.  Guess what my most-used gadget was?  No, it wasn’t the venerable HTC Advantage that let us live-blog from the show floor and no, it wasn’t the HP 2710p which let me do anything I needed to do no matter where I was, even encoding video on the run.  Nope, it was the one thing that stays in my travel bag no matter what else I switch out.  It is the Monster Outlets to Go power strip that I find incredibly useful to take on every single trip I take.  It is simply perfectly designed to do what I need for power.  Thanks Marc!  ‘Nuff said.