The Crunchies … & Personal Update

Om At The Crunchies Photo By Duncan RileyThis past Friday, I made my first public appearance since my health problems, at the Crunchies.
I spent nearly two hours at the event (with doctor’s blessings) and it was well worth it. Sure I was tired by the end of it, but it was great to feel the good karma from all the people who were in attendance. Your blessings and prayers have worked their magic. While it is unlikely that I am going to be back working at full steam for near foreseeable future, it is time to start thinking about some lite-work, such as replying to emails, and perhaps an occasional blog post.
On another note, I am grateful that the Crunchies team decided to donate a portion of ticket sales to American Heart Association. If you would like to support the AHA, you can do so by contributing here. You can also support by contributing to the UCSF, the hospital whose doctors worked tirelessly to get me back on my feet.
More importantly, I hope you don’t make the mistakes I made — unhealthy eating habits, lack of exercise and vices such as smoking. With few lifestyle changes, heart related problems can be prevented. Do yourself a favor — go to the doctor and get yourself checked.
Photo by Duncan Riley via Flickr.