AT&T’s SIM-Only Offer Defies Logic

Typically when you sign up for a two-year contract with a wireless carrier, you get to pick a handset — one that is either free or, at the very least, highly subsidized. But AT&T today started offering a new plan that allows you to buy a SIM card from them, while you bring your own (GSM-compatible) handset.
This would be a great idea if AT&T didn’t insist on a two-year-contract with the SIM card. Instead of being great, this is just a goofy idea. As a customer, why would you sign up for a two-year contract and forgo a free (or highly subsidized) handset that you can sell on eBay and use the proceeds to defray the cost of, say, a new handset of choice? SMS Text News has a first-hand report on this SIM-only plan.