Most Digital Media Stocks Down; Bharti Airtel And CyberMedia End The Day In The Green

Update: at the end of a day full of panic and volatility, the markets closed 5-6 percent down: the BSE at 16729.94, down 5.23 percent, while the NSE closed at 4899.30, down 6.32 percent. Of the companies we cover, Bharti Airtel and Cybermedia ended in the green; HT Media was in the green for a bit, but slipped again, down 16.59 percent. Let’s see if the announcement of Info Edge’s (BOM: 532777) (Naukri) results can stem its fall: the stock ended the day at 887.10, down 12.33 percent for the day. This is how some of the companies we cover ended the day:
Chart created using Rediff (NSDQ: REDF) Moneywiz
Earlier in the morning, all the Digital Media stocks were down. You can view that chart
Original Post: Mayhem again on the bourses this morning, with the market hitting the circuits and trading being stopped. From “Sensex and Nifty both opened with over 10% cut and hit the lower circuit and the trading got halted for one hour only fourth time in Indian history. Sensex opened down 9.75% or 1716.41 points at 15888.94 and Nifty was down 12.10% or 630.45 points at 4578.35. Sensex so far was down 25% and Nifty 28% from its all time high.” The markets have recovered since, and fallen again.
Bear in mind that this is an ever-changing situation, and the markets appear to be extremely volatile.
Disclaimer: I own an inconsequential number of shares of Info Edge and Network18 Fincap