AT&T Says SIM Contract Fiasco a Mistake

A day after we pointed out that AT&T’s new wireless offer, which tacked on a two-year contract to a SIM card (sans handset), was just plain “goofy,” the largest U.S. wireless carrier is saying it was a “mistake” — that the “two-year contract” term wasn’t part of the original language that was supposed to be published on the company’s web site. Well…someone should be transfered to Nowhereville for this error, don’t you think? Here are the updated terms of AT&T’s SIM card-only plan.

  • A customer can bring their own compatible device to us, and we will sell them a SIM for $25 or sometimes less.
  • The customer can purchase prepaid service, which requires no term commitment and no ETF.
  • In most cases, the customer can also purchase postpaid service with no term commitment and no ETF.
  • The exception is that we may require a commitment with a promotional rate plan.
  • In any case, the bottom line is that we give customers the option to bring their own device to us and purchase service on a month-to-month basis.