CellWriter: a TIP-like program for touchscreen Linux devices

TrainingI was just reading Anne Lyle’s experiences with Ubuntu 7.10 on the Samsung Q1U and she’s got the device working well. Better than I did when I last tried this, but I think she put more effort in: she followed some on-line forums & wiki’s to get the touchscreen working. It also helps that the newer version of Ubuntu has additional drivers for WiFi modules and such. More importantly, Anne found a promising work-in-progress application that offers handwriting support.CellWriter is a free Tablet Input Panel-like application that supports print lettering only; no cursive support just yet. You do have to train it for a short while first and it does offer the ability to correct individual letters when it’s unsure of your chicken scratch. If you’d prefer a virtual keyboard option, you can switch from handwriting to an on-screen QWERTY keyboard, just like the Windows TIP. Nice find Anne!