Question of the Day: How to flak a Flash accelerator?

One of our founders, named Udi, has built a software application for desktop-download and he’s not sure how to market it. He is in a noisy space: it’s a “Flash Video accelerator.” (And don’t we all need one?) But Udi says his really amps site speeds, even YouTube’s — about which we’ve heard plenty of complaints.
We assume most of you are potential users of Udi’s product, so his query forms our

Question of the Day: How can Udi get his Flash Video accelerator noticed? How might he cleverly distribute it in a way that it might reach you?

Udi’s full text follows.
My name is Udi, Im the founder of a startup company that is building a download/install service.
I’m currently looking for out-of-the-box ways to distribute my product … I think that I see that exact kind of thinking sparkling all over this blog.
I cannot say much about what our service really is, but in general, it is a kind of flash video accelerator for every YouTube-like site in the world. (It is working and we get 5x-7x faster download time).
Can you assist me with some links about marketing techniques for distribution of desktop software, or any kind of advice/how to?