The MacBook Air Question

Being a sucker for shiny new things, I ended up ordering the Macbook Air, mostly to lighten the load. But after reading the reviews by the big three — Walt Mossberg, Ed Baig and Steven Levy — I am having second thoughts about my decision. (Maybe David Pogue is going to provide a contrary point of view, accompanied by a song-and-dance routine!)

Reading between the lines of the not-so-gushing reviews, it is clear that the ultra-light device leaves a lot to be desired. Unlike the big three, I am not that worried about the lack of a removable battery since this isn’t going to be my primary machine, but will be used for event blogging or on-the-go computing.

Given that I have dot-Mac, I can get access to my main computer over the Net, and basically use that hack to get access to files when I need them. My biggest concern has been the amount of heat generated by this laptop. Levy wrote a tiny bit about this in his review, but didn’t offer much clarity.

…the Air doesn’t run as hot as Apple’s other laptops–it’s actually possible to work for an hour with the device on your lap without the feeling that your fertility is at stake…

I liked what Steve Rubel had to say about it being a cloud computer, and to a large extent that was instrumental to me deciding to order a Macbook Air. But now I am wondering if made the right decision. Should I call Apple and cancel my order? Send me your suggestions.