Palm speaks up about Voice Dialing on Sprint, Verizon Treo 755p

Palmtreo755pThere must be some confusion (or contention) between Sprint and Verizon customers that own a Treo 755p. The Official Palm Blog posted some clarifications on the different voice dialing solutions between the two because the two carriers opted for a different approach. Verizon went with the Treo Voice Dialing which requires no training. Sprint on the other hand didn’t bundle a voice dialing application, but instead offers a free trial to Nuance Voice Control, which can be purchased as a subscription service.This cuts to the heart of the matter with carrier control and customer perception: the exact same device on different carriers can be very different in terms of the user experience. Kudos to Palm for trying to manage a problem that really isn’t theirs when you think about it. Unfortunately, consumers unhappy with the software on their device are more likely to blame the device manufacturer when it’s actually the carrier that caused the issue in the first place.