Thought of the Day: Endurance


“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”
— Winston Churchill

The man who won, lost and won again, the seat of Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, (1940-1945; 1951-1955) knew a thing or two about “carrying on, with vigor,” as he so eloquently urged his people to do. A dark time in history, Churchill told his people during the air war over Britain, could be instead, “our finest hour.” And so it was.

So take a word of advice from Sir Winston: Embrace your failures, they’re taking you someplace.

If you’d like more inspiration, and haven’t read any of Winston Churchill’s writing, we’d suggest his six volume series called The Second World War. Churchill won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1953 (while a sitting PM).

If you have less time read this instead, Never Give In!: The Best of Winston Churchill’s Speeches

And for one of the best biographies, read William Manchester’s The Last Lion.