magicJack: coolest home VoIP gadget PC Mag has ever seen

MajicjackWe gave the $40 magicJack a brief shout-out last March, but I haven’t seen any reviews of the device up to now. PC Mag gave the little USB gadget a run-through and it appears to have passed with flying colors, earning a 4.5 out of 5 rating. The majicJack USB dongle plugs into a PC and offers an RJ-11, or standard phone jack. Service can be had for just $20 a year, which is quite reasonable. As a SkypeOut user, I’m curious how that price compares to my per-minute Skype plan, but I’m sure that varies on quantity and location of calls. My take: $20 is probably a steal.Configuration seems pretty simple and the service does support Emergency 911 calls, based on the location info you’ve provided. I suspect that if you’re using this on the road, the e911 service won’t be accurate but at least you can “take” your home phone with you. majicJack is PC-only for now, although Mac users should have support soon. Of course the most important aspect is voice-quality… according to the review, it’s “amazing… almost too good to be true.”