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Japan Presents $10B Climate Change Fund: The Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda proposed a $10 billion fund at the World Economic Forum in Davos to help developing countries reduce their emissions. Fukuda put forward a goal of 30 percent improvement in global energy efficiency by 2020 – Cleantech Media.

Intel Now Largest Buyer of Green Power: The chipmaker will buy 1.3 billion kilowatt hours of a year of “renewable energy certificates,” covering 46 percent of their power consumption, making them the largest buyer of clean energy and number one on the EPA’s Fortune 500 Green Power Partners listTreeHugger.

Portuguese Clean Energy Company Preps for IPO: Energias de Portugal is looking to make a public offering of its renewable energy branch, one of the biggest in the world, to fund its €6.2 billion expansion plan – Wall Street Journal.

U.S. Car Buyers Not So Hot For Diesel: A survey from Kelley Blue Book Marketing Research says that a mere six percent of American new-car buyers think diesel will become mainstream as compared to 40 percent backing hybrid technology, 20 percent choosing hydrogen, and 17 percent opting for flex-fuel – Green Car Congress.

The Presidential Candidates on Clean Energy: Carbon regulation, in either cap-and-trade or tax form, is almost certain to come about in the next Presidential administration. Where do all the candidates stand? – Alt Energy Stocks.