Ultra-portable news roundup

Everex_cloudbookToday has already been a day for some significant news in the ultra-portable/ UMPC/ MID space so here goes.  The Everex Cloudbook is now being delayed until February 25 for release according to engadget.  The Cloudbook has already been delayed once and it seems Everex is having trouble getting it out the door once again.  Kevin and I saw the Cloudbook at the CES in Las Vegas early this month and it is anxiously awaited as another low cost notebook to compete with the Asus EEE PC.

Speaking of the EEE PC, earlier rumors of a model with a touch screen are being shot down by Asus according to DigiTimes.  Asus has determined that their customers do not want a touch screen on a notebook form factor and are not planning on introducing a model that includes touch.  I personally don’t see a need for a touch screen on a notebook device but that’s just me, a lot of people expressed excitement at the news that there would be a touch EEE PC.

In other news, Shen also pointed out the company’s market research hasdetermined that touch screen is not a highly demanded feature for EeePC customers, and therefore it will suspend plans to include the optionof a touch screen panel in the next generation of Eee PCs.

DigiTimes also snuck in something we haven’t heard before from HTC, the makers of the Shift and my beloved Advantage.  In a press event covering the launch of the HTC Shift this nugget slipped in about the Advantage:

HTC plans to launch a 5-inch mobile computing device designed to replace the HTC Advantage in 2008, said company sources at HTC.

No word on what changes HTC might be considering for the Advantage but it’s great to hear they are going to refresh what is already a dynamite mobile device.